Friday, November 6, 2009

What I am expecting and another day of giveaways

What I am expecting out of entering blog giveaways everyday.
I am not trying to win a car or money just, some things we need like cleaning products and some things to help our Christmas like games and toys and clothes for the kids.
If I enter blog giveaways every day for one hour for thirty day i am hopeing to win one a week.So 4 in the net 30 days. I know I may not win any and I am not thinking about winning more because I don't want to set my expatiation too high and disappoint myself.

This morning I am going to start with the linky at ithodeyouso there is 27 giveaways there.
I am starting at 8:00AM
I am finished at 8:15 it is my third day doing blog giveaways but lot on that list I already entered.I think I only entered 8.

 I am going to blogsweeps
I love they have sections soI can keep track which set of sweeps i entered.
I started in  home care and then went to kids stuff.I will try to visit later today to get some more category's done. Off to do a puzzle with drew.

That reminds me. We went to target last night they had 75% off Halloween we got a bag of 12 small spong bob puzzles for $1.90 they are 4 different puzzles. Great deal and fun


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