Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 1

Today I am entering all giveaways at mrsnespysworld
There is 19 listed i am starting at 10:51
Ok i didn't enter them all I entered just the ones we could use so about 16 out of 19.
The timing didn't work out the way i planed. I did start at 10:51 but then the dog was barking at the street cleaner so i had to let her in, then Drew saw I was outside for a minute so we had to go back in get on shoes and jackets and play on the swing set. After that i finished entering giveaways and it is not 11:36 tomorrow i will try to enter when Drew is sleeping.

For today the giveaway I want to win the most is $ avings Makes ¢ ents- 2 Elefun and Friends Games( 11/ 08)
My son would love the Giraffalaff Limbo

Trying again.
Drew's nap time the bathroom is clean.
I went to thrifty and chicmom
193 giveaways listed wow.1 started at 1:00pm and finished at 1:53 I entered a bunch. They had some great ones.  I would say I entered 70 maybe it just felt like that it could be less. I did click on all the ones that looked great for my family


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