Thursday, November 12, 2009

9th day of entering

Yesterday I went to twitter and entered things i would like to win in the search box. It would bring up a lot of good giveaways. The thing i had trouble with was remembering if i entered it already or not. Lot of sites have the same giveaway, did i enter in this site hmmm. Some have 800 comments and only 10 a page so i couldn't search for my name. so I might I a giveaway because i didn't want to enter twice.

The kids have been fed and dressed the two bigger one are in school now my toddler i watching tv after i enter giveaways for 1 hour i always play with him. I have to watch the clock because when i am on the computer time just flies. I love my little netbook  I can sit by drew while he is watching tv and I am entering giveaways.
Today I am going to double prizes again and entering giveaway that end soon.


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