Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lucky day!

Today was a great day. I had UPS and the mail man bring me both my wins today and a winning email from Jumpstart. I won a JumpStart® Escape from Adventure Island Retail value: $29.99. 
Woohoo 17 has always been a lucky number for me. (today is the 17th)Two of my children were born on the 17th. This Jumpstart game is going to be prefect for Drew. It will be his first wii game. One present for one of my kids. That is just awesome. I am going to go enter giveaways for one hour.

Win list

I will keep all my win in this post and update it
        Prize                                                           ARV             Win Date
1 Platinum Castles Cakelet Pan                      $32 Value       11/11/09   
2 Merck Manual Home Health Handbook      $40 Value       11/09/09      
3 JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island    $30 Value       11/17/09

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another day

No new wins so far. I am still entering giveaways for a hour a day. I know some of them don't end till December. I am so happy i won the book and cake pan last week. Today i am off to try to win a toy for one of my kids but a gift certificate wouldn't be bad either. Good luck everyone.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

9th day of entering

Yesterday I went to twitter and entered things i would like to win in the search box. It would bring up a lot of good giveaways. The thing i had trouble with was remembering if i entered it already or not. Lot of sites have the same giveaway, did i enter in this site hmmm. Some have 800 comments and only 10 a page so i couldn't search for my name. so I might I a giveaway because i didn't want to enter twice.

The kids have been fed and dressed the two bigger one are in school now my toddler i watching tv after i enter giveaways for 1 hour i always play with him. I have to watch the clock because when i am on the computer time just flies. I love my little netbook  I can sit by drew while he is watching tv and I am entering giveaways.
Today I am going to double prizes again and entering giveaway that end soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A week so far and my second win.

I started the Giveaway Experiment On November 4th today is the 11th. 7 days at 1 hour a day.To se If a low income family can win Christmas.
Yesterday I had my second win! Dance dance dance.
What is it you ask? It is a Nordicware Platinum Castles Cakelet Pan $32 Value

From simple up. This will make a wonderful present. Tada one down on the Christmas list. I love this cake pan. I can just see mini castle cakes! I am so happy. I am off to enter more giveaways for one hour. Good luck to all

Monday, November 9, 2009

My first blog win!

I Won something! This is my first win since starting the Giveaway Experiment.
I won Merck Manual Home Health Handbook from mrsnespysworld 
it is valued at $39.95 I am going to love reading this book.

This win is also giving me extra motivation to enter giveaways today.
Off to enter!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thanks and another day of giveaways

First I want to say thanks to Ave  from Made in Canarias for leaving a comment of a lot of great giveaways sites.
I looked at the whole list and bookmarked them.
My favorite of the list was Tip Junkie  All the giveaways on tipjunkie are over $25 in value and ending in seven day!I am going to enter giveaways from there today Thank you again ave.

It is 10:15am time to enter giveaways

One of my favorite giveaways I found was.at trying a little harder to be a little better.
She is giving away
.One a day for 4 days, a $25 Gift Certificate to www.adheringwords.com.
They have vinyl wall art. I have seen some store around and they are pricey so i cheeked out to see if $25 could buy anything. They have lots of different things and moth of the things i liked were between $5 and $12
You might want to go check it out.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

always following the rules

Even thou I am trying to enter a lot of giveaways I am still following the rules and always visiting the sponsors page. Especially Esty shops. Etsy shop, I love it when they have giveaways, they are usually small so i defentley want to visit their page, sometimes I book mark them to look at later. When they ask you to list what is you favorite thing is  to enter I want to make sure i do list my favorite item , not just something someone else put. They might be relying on this info to make more of your favorite items. I don't want to steer them wrong to save a few seconds.

If anyone has a idea about where to go to find blog giveaway please list it.

I stumbled open a new giveaway site doubleprizes.com I am enter some from there today.
It is 7:11 am it is now 8:16 I put in my hour.I entered a lot of giveaways ending soon.
Now I am going to spend the rest of the day with the kids, hubby and cleaning the house.
Good luck to everyone.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What I am expecting and another day of giveaways

What I am expecting out of entering blog giveaways everyday.
I am not trying to win a car or money just, some things we need like cleaning products and some things to help our Christmas like games and toys and clothes for the kids.
If I enter blog giveaways every day for one hour for thirty day i am hopeing to win one a week.So 4 in the net 30 days. I know I may not win any and I am not thinking about winning more because I don't want to set my expatiation too high and disappoint myself.

This morning I am going to start with the linky at ithodeyouso there is 27 giveaways there.
I am starting at 8:00AM
I am finished at 8:15 it is my third day doing blog giveaways but lot on that list I already entered.I think I only entered 8.

 I am going to blogsweeps
I love they have sections soI can keep track which set of sweeps i entered.
I started in  home care and then went to kids stuff.I will try to visit later today to get some more category's done. Off to do a puzzle with drew.

That reminds me. We went to target last night they had 75% off Halloween we got a bag of 12 small spong bob puzzles for $1.90 they are 4 different puzzles. Great deal and fun

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 1

Today I am entering all giveaways at mrsnespysworld
There is 19 listed i am starting at 10:51
Ok i didn't enter them all I entered just the ones we could use so about 16 out of 19.
The timing didn't work out the way i planed. I did start at 10:51 but then the dog was barking at the street cleaner so i had to let her in, then Drew saw I was outside for a minute so we had to go back in get on shoes and jackets and play on the swing set. After that i finished entering giveaways and it is not 11:36 tomorrow i will try to enter when Drew is sleeping.

For today the giveaway I want to win the most is $ avings Makes ¢ ents- 2 Elefun and Friends Games( 11/ 08)
My son would love the Giraffalaff Limbo

Trying again.
Drew's nap time the bathroom is clean.
I went to thrifty and chicmom
193 giveaways listed wow.1 started at 1:00pm and finished at 1:53 I entered a bunch. They had some great ones.  I would say I entered 70 maybe it just felt like that it could be less. I did click on all the ones that looked great for my family

The Giveaway Blog Experiment

I see blog Giveaways every where.Starting to day I am going to visit a blog that has a linky of giveaways and enter all of them. Every day I will chose a new linky.

Every day I will recorded how long it took me to enter. I will post any wins

I am a stay at home mom of three we are a one income come family and wins will be gifts for my friends, and family. If there is something I cant use i will donate it to the salvation army or womens shelter. No win will just sit in my closet.

Since money is tight and Christmas is coming closer, I am not going to whine or worry I am going to do the best I can. I will be looking for deals and try to win things. You are welcome to come along for the ride.

A friend sent me this list of linkys.